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Baggage packing and storage

The airport “Krasnoyarsk” provides services of baggage packing. Packing in a special stretch film will protect your baggage from contamination, unauthorized access and spontaneous opening. A team of professionals will pack your baggage in less than 1 minute.

In terminal 1, the baggage packing area is located in front of the terminal main entrance.

In terminal 2, the baggage packing area is located on the left at the end of the waiting lounge.

The charged fee for packing of one piece of baggage is 500 rubles

You can buy bright stickers to put on your baggage in the baggage packing area. In addition to the unique design, your suitcase or bag will obtain a stylish look that will cover its shabby appearance and scratches that your baggage may have as regular signs of wear. Besides, in this way it will take less time to recognize your baggage on the belt as it will always stand out compared to other monotonous and boring bags.

The price for one sticker is 50 rubles

The fee for oversized baggage packing (dimensions over 50cm*50cm*100cm* according to any of the parameters) or non-standard objects, strollers, bicycles, seats, sports equipment, musical instruments and other items is 600 rubles for one piece of baggage.

Baggage storage room

The baggage storage room (including hand baggage if necessary) located on the ground floor of the new passenger terminal is at your service. The storage room can be reached by stairs.
The baggage storage room works 24/7

Service price:

  • dimensions up to 30cm*50cm*70cm — 400 rubles per piece per day
  • dimensions over 30cm*50cm*70cm — 550 rubles per piece per day
  • storage of a set of outerwear and shoes (seasonal wardrobe) — 150 rubles per piece per day