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Late Check-in

If a passenger is late for check-in or pre-flight inspection (arrival at the airport less than 40 minutes before departure), the passenger must contact the airport attendant, who is opposite to the main entrance of the Terminal. If there is a technological possibility and the time of delay does not exceed 25 minutes before the flight departure, the airport attendant enquires the carrier on the possibility of taking the passenger for the flight, and after that the passenger can check in the baggage and go through all the control and inspection procedures out of turn.

This service is charged:

  • If the late passenger needs to check in his (her) baggage – 1 750 rubles
  • If the late passenger does not need to check in any baggage – 1 150 rubles

Note: in case of any failure situations in the process of servicing the late passenger, such as an additional inspection of the passenger or his (her) baggage by aviation security officers or law enforcement officers, which may lead to a delay in the flight departure, the attendant is entitled to refuse to carry the passenger (in that case the service fee is refunded to the passenger).