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Parking lot layout at Krasnoyarsk International Airport

The following parking options are available at Krasnoyarsk International Airport:

  • P6: Free Parking
  • P3: Hourly parking
    Up to 15 minutes – free of charge;
    Parking time starting from 16 minutes - 250 rubles per hour
  • P2: Hourly parking.
    No free time;
    Parking hour starting from 16 minutes - 300 rubles per hour
    Over an hour, daily rate - 600 rubles per day;
  • P1: Passenger drop off and pick up zone
    Up to 15 minutes - for free;
    The first hour of parking, starting from 16 minutes - 1000 rubles per hour;
    Each subsequent full and incomplete parking hour - 1000 rubles per hour
  • P4: Daily Parking
    Up to 15 minutes - for free;
    The first hour of parking, starting from 16 minutes - 250 rubles per hour;
    Over an hour, the daily rate is 500 rubles per day;
  • P5: Daily Parking
    Under construction

P1-P4 parking lots are charged from the moment of entry

Damage or loss of a parking card, as well as transfer of the card to another person is subject to a 1500 rubles fine.

Payment is made only by Bank of Russia banknotes of 50 rubles, 100 rubles, 500 rubles, 1000 rubles or bank cards.

Coins of any denomination, as well as banknotes of 10 rubles, 200 rubles, 2000 rubles, 5000 rubles are not accepted.

Address: 663021, Krasnoyarsk Region, Yemelyanovsky District, Krasnoyarsk Airport

+7 (902) 925-06-76, +7 (902) 925-06-78

General Rules

  • Obtaining a parking card and entering the parking lot is an offer to conclude a contract for the provision of services for parking of a vehicle. Parking (leaving) a vehicle at the airport square for a period of more than 10 minutes is considered as acceptance of the offer, which corresponds to part 3 of article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and indicates the conclusion of a contract for the provision of transport services for the consumer in the paid parking area.
  • The parking card is the property of the company. Parking cards must be returned when leaving the parking lot.
  • Payment for the services of the parking complex of Krasnoyarsk Airport is made at the automatic cash terminals, in accordance with the Price List for services and is calculated from the moment of receiving the parking card.
  • After paying for parking services, the customer (consumer) is obliged to leave the parking area within 15 minutes.
  • Parking a vehicle on the territory of the parking lot is not a conclusion of a property storage agreement. The company does not compensate for the loss, theft, damage or violation of your vehicle integrity, as well as theft of any other property located on the territory of the parking lot, including your belongings left in the vehicle.