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Airport Medical Services

The medical center of the airport is located on the 1st floor in the check-in area of the new passenger terminal. The medical license LO-24-01-003313 dated July 12, 2016 is in force indefinitely.

The medical personnel of the health center consist of physicians (4), a senior medical assistant, paramedics (5) and nurses (2).

The work shift lasts 24 hours and is supervised by a physician, a nurse and a medical assistant. The equipment of the health center includes an ambulance, a “Medical First Aid Kit”, a trailer with special means and accessories for emergency operations. All the equipment and personnel of the medical center meet the requirements of the corresponding regulatory documents. The number of staff for medical emergency operations is 4-5 people. The medical equipment includes: a defibrillator, an electrocardiograph, a breathing apparatus, a pulse oximeter, a blood glucose meter, alcometers, and tonometers. Passengers are entitled to contact the medical center for:

  • Provision of emergency medical assistance to passengers of air transport, located on the territory of the terminal and in the airport hotel.
  • Consultation of passengers on issues of medical contraindications when using air transport.

If you suddenly do not feel well or see a passenger who needs medical assistance, you can contact any of the airport employees, or the crew members, if medical assistance is required on board of the aircraft, which is parked on the airfield of the Krasnoyarsk airport (Yemelyanovo). The airport officer will call the doctor on duty to assist at the place of demand.

If there are no airport employees nearby, it is necessary to contact the medical center by the phone: +7 (908) 212-39-05. Please, be prepared to tell the location (e.g. floor number and a clear reference point), briefly describe the situation and wait till the medical personnel arrive, if possible.