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Recording at the airport

For the photo and video recording, or for any events involving mass media arranged by third parties in the controlled areas of Krasnoyarsk International Airport, it is necessary to submit a request to the airport press service at the e-mail address:

Photo and video recording on the premises of Krasnoyarsk International Airport, made for the purpose of making feature movies, TV series, entertainment programs, music videos, advertising, photo shoots for printed promotion materials are regarded as commercial and are carried out on the commercial basis.

Request submission procedure:

  1. The request is drawn up with the official corporate letterhead and certified with the seal and signature of the head of the Organization. The request is submitted in the name of Director General of Emelyanovo Airport, LLC Mettsler Andrei Vladimirovich.
  2. The request is submitted at least three working days before the planned date of recording.
  3. The request shall contain the following information:
  • Purpose of recording; place and time of using the recorded material;
  • Date, time, and duration of the planned recording.
  • Required access zones.
  • List of questions, if any comment is required.
  • Contact data of the person in charge.
  • Production crew list (including passport data of each person: series/number, date of issue and issuing body, date and place of birth, official residence registration address).

The Security Service of Krasnoyarsk International Airport shall be entitled to decline the request for photo and video recording in the controlled zone of the Airport without giving any reasons.