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Transportation of animals and plants

General provisions

Rules for transportation of animals are set by the airline. When buying a ticket, you need to notify the carrier about your plans of travelling with an animal, so that the airline has time to prepare a place for it. It is necessary to submit the notification at least two days prior to your departure in order to avoid a situation when there is no space for your animal on the aircraft, as every aircraft has certain restrictions on the number of animals that can be transported at a time.

The procedure for transportation on domestic flights

When arriving at Krasnoyarsk Airport, you need to contact the veterinary control point to inspect your pet. The veterinary control point is located at the International Terminal 2. Your pet must have a pet passport. If you cannot provide the pet passport, you need to issue a veterinary certificate in advance in accordance with Form No. 1 at any city veterinary clinic. During the inspection and familiarization with the documents, the doctor issues a permit for departure and a boarding pass for the animal. With a boarding pass, you need to go to the check-in desks at the new passenger terminal of Krasnoyarsk Airport.

The procedure for transportation on international flights

If you are traveling abroad, your pet must have a passport, a veterinary certificate, and the pet must be chipped. At least 24 hours later, it is necessary to send scans of these documents to with the name of the accompanying person, contact details, number, date and time of the flight. After having checked the documents, the veterinarian prepares a veterinary certificate in accordance with Form 5A. On the day of departure it is necessary to arrive in advance along with the animal, submit the original documents, obtain a veterinary certificate and a boarding pass, then submit the documents at the registration desk. The rules for transporting animals on an aircraft in Russia do not apply to guide dogs traveling with visually impaired persons. They can be transported in the cabin without a container. However, the passenger must provide documents confirming his/her health status, and the dog must wear a muzzle and must not leave his/her master during the flight.

  • Veterinary control point at Krasnoyarsk Airport (Terminal 2): Tel. +7 (902) 992-56-41

The procedure for transportation of plants

Rules for transportation of plants are established by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance. For the transportation of plants you need to have a quarantine certificate for the item to be transported. You can clarify the procedure for transportation of plants by calling the Phytosanitary control point at Krasnoyarsk Airport, tel. +7 (902) 992-51-68.

  • For passengers arriving as tourists at Krasnoyarsk airport, it is allowed to transport up to 5 kg of plant products per person without accompanying documents.

  • For passengers traveling from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan it has been strictly prohibited to import any plant products.