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Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility

Services for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility on the territory of Krasnoyarsk International Airport are provided free of charge in accordance with the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia of February 15, 2016. №24 "On the procedure for providing services to passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility at airports and aircraft."

In order to avoid difficult situations, long waiting and missing the flight, we recommend that you submit a request for the provision of special services in advance. In the absence of a preliminary application, we cannot guarantee the provision of the service to you, but we will try not to disregard your request.

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Application form for special needs (passengers with disabilities)
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For your convenience, the airport provides

  • Special parking spaces for passengers with disabilities (indicated in the diagram below);
  • Places for walking with guide dogs (indicated in the diagram below);
  • Call buttons for communication with employees in waiting lounges for passengers with disabilities;
  • Telephone for communication with an attendant of the support group: +7 (391) 2555-999; +7 (391) 2266-222
  • Special toilet facilities;
  • Special elevators for passengers in wheelchairs, handrails are provided in the elevator cabins, call buttons are located at an accessible height, all information is conveyed by voice and visual signals;
  • For blind and visually impaired passengers the entrances to the terminals are equipped with special tactile tiles leading through the terminal building to the information desk, where they can receive assistance from special attendants helping passengers with disabilities;
  • For hearing impaired passengers an induction loop is installed on the information desk;
  • To temporarily use wheelchairs in order to move around the airport, please contact the information desk or contact us by phone +7 (391) 2555-999; +7 (391) 2266-222, or through the call button for passengers with limited mobility. The call buttons are located at the airport in waiting lounges for passengers with limited mobility and are accompanied with special information signs (16 pieces);
  • Entrance doors are equipped with special buttons that slow down the rotation of the door for your convenience;
  • Wheelchairs for transportation to the cabin of the aircraft (located in the storage room and additionally in telescopic bridges);
The layout of parking spaces for passengers with disabilities and walking places for guide dogs.
  • To get a free service you need to: enter the paid parking area and park the vehicle in the parking place for special disabled vehicles;
  • Prepare your documents confirming the right for free parking and contact the parking attendant by phone +7 (902) 925-06-76, +7 (902) 925-06-78

We express our special appreciation in advance for information about the problems you might have encountered at Krasnoyarsk International Airport, as well as for evaluating our services. Airport staff will be happy to help you! The infrastructure of the Krasnoyarsk airport terminal is constantly being improved in accordance with special needs of our passengers.

Схема расположения мест парковок для маломобильных пассажиров и мест для выгула собак-проводников

Preparing for a trip

If you or relatives/friends are planning a flight and belong to this category of passengers, please, when booking and purchasing an air ticket, be sure to inform us about special services and assistance you will need at the airport and during the flight. The necessity of these services must be reported to the airline or ticket agent at the time of purchase, but no later than 48 hours before departure. If the physical condition of the passenger threatens the safety of the flight, the carrier is entitled to refuse carriage of the passenger.

In accordance with Art. 25 of the Federal Aviation Rules “General Rules for the Carriage of Passengers, Baggage, Cargo and Requirements for Servicing Passengers, Consignors, Consignees”, the following categories of passengers must be agreed with the carrier (airline) for transportation in advance:

  • a seriously ill passenger;
  • a patient on a stretcher;
  • a hearing impaired passenger, unaccompanied;
  • a visually impaired passenger with a guide dog;
  • an unaccompanied passenger who is deprived of sight and / or hearing, who will be transported under the supervision of the carrier;
  • a passenger whose ability to move when using air transport is limited and / or whose condition requires special attention and service (a passenger with reduced mobility).