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Information for advertisers

We offer a unique opportunity for advertisers to use the friendly and cozy environment of Krasnoyarsk international airport. We offer you a stable and high-quality traffic of visitors and guests of the airport.

Every year more than 3.65 million people visit Krasnoyarsk airport.

So, why Krasnoyarsk airport is an excellent place for your advertising?

A unique audience with high purchasing power: businessmen and top officials of companies often make business trips, they will remember your brand and will treat it with trust.

  • It works 24/7 – your advertising is in the focus of the target audience, regardless of time of the day, season and weather conditions.
  • Long-term contact – your advertising will draw 20 times more attention than any other advertising medium.
  • The advertising system at the airport is designed for maximum coverage of the audience both at the airport and adjacent areas, which will provide the maximum number of contacts and will effectively promote your products and services.

The original and eye-catching designs will certainly attract attention to the advertisement materials placed on them. Proper location of the advertising devices in areas with the maximum traffic provides an effective coverage of passenger flows and the optimal number of these devices contributes to a high quality of these contacts. The minimum amount of advertising noise ensures that your ads will be noticed.
We will be delighted to answer your questions and find the most effective option for your product placement!

Marketing department:
Mobile:  +7-902-967-9505