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Historical background

Airport construction began in 1970, 27 km away from the city of Krasnoyarsk. On 25 October, 1980, Krasnoyarsk Airport (Emelyanovo) was commissioned.

In 1993, Emelyanovo was qualified as an international airport.

In 2005, Terminal 2 for transfer passengers and international flight service was opened.

By 2006, the runway paving had been replaced with asphalt concrete with reinforced polymer grids.

Year 2008 was marked with the opening of the modern Arrivals Terminal of the Airport, with the acceptance rate of 500 people per hour (Terminal No.3).

In 2008, the airport lighting was reconstructed and the high-intensity lighting system centerline and touchdown lights was installed.

In 2012, Part-145 certification was completed, enabling the airport to accommodate MD-11F, A 319, 320, 321 aircrafts with the engines of certain configurations.

In 2014, the quality management system of Krasnoyarsk Airport (Emelyanovo) was certified under ISO 9001:2008.

In 2015, construction of the new passenger terminal began.

In 2016, Krasnoyarsk Airport (Emelyanovo) was listed among the federal scale airports.

In 2017, a new passenger terminal was opened.