Services for passengers
The three passenger terminals of the airport offer to the passengers the complete set of services that make their being in the airport comfortable. It includes modern business lounges, room for mothers with children, free access to the internet, ATMs, shops, cafes, bars, post office, pharmacy, air and railway ticket office, luggage packing and storing services and taxi services as well as short and long term  car parkings.
The terminals also provide services for passengers with reduced mobility 
For all the visitors of the airport there is a “Secrete passenger” programme of monitoring the quality of the services provide
Online flight check-in for passengers 
We offer you to use the online flight check-in service. The service will make it possible for you to choose your seat in the cabin and will save your time. You can check-in online from any location where there is access to the Internet.
First, please choose the airline that operates your flight. Then you can fill in the online check-in form on the web page of the airline:

S7 Airlines






Short-term car parking near Terminal 1 (domestic flights):
·         Up to 15 minutes – free of charge
·         The first hour of parking starting from the 16th minute rounded up to the full hour– 200 rubles
·         Each following full hour or part of hour – 200 rubles
·         Over 5 hours during the first 24 hours – 1000 rubles
·         Each following 24 hours starting from the first minute – 1000 rubles
Free passage to the car parking and free of charge parking are afforded to:
·         Vehicles of special services (ambulance, police, FSS, prosecution service, EMERCOM, etc.) in the situations that require their prompt actions.
·         Disabled persons, if the vehicle has the sign “Disabled person” set forth in clause 7.17 of the Road Traffic Regulations and on presentation of the disabled person certificate.

Luggage packing services:
The luggage packing desk is located:
in Terminal 1 (domestic flights) – to the left from the entrance.
in Terminal 2 (international flights) – after going through customs, to the left from the flight check-in desks. 
·         Wrapping up the luggage with packing film– 400 rubles
·         DISABLED PERSONS AND PARTICIPANTS OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR – 100 rubles discount for each piece of luggage (on presentation of the certificate)  
Luggage storage:
The luggage storage facility is located on the basement level of Terminal 1
·         Dimensions smaller than 30cm*50 cm*70 cm – 200 rubles.
·         Dimensions bigger than 30cm*50cm*70cm (including oversized luggage) – 300 rubles.

Services in the Room for mothers with children:
It is located on the first floor of Terminal 1.
·         One adult passenger with a child younger than 7 years – free of charge
·         One adult passenger with a child older than 7 years:
o    Adult – 270 rubles
o    Child – 140 rubles
Ironing board and iron – 100 rubles

Other services:
Announcement – 120 rubles per announcement
Conference hall (12 seats) – 2,000 rubles per hour
Banquet hall (6 seats) – 1,500 rubles per hour
Shower room – 130 rubles per person
Hygiene room – 100 rubles per person
In Terminal 1 there are ATMs of the following banks: Sberbank, Raiffeisen Bank, Rosbank, Gazprombank, Kedr, Dalnevostochny Bank, Vostochny Express Bank.
In Terminal 1 there is a food court and coffee and snacks vending machines.
Special services for passengers with reduced mobility 
In the framework of the national programme “Accessible environment 2011-2015”, the equipment necessary for the passengers with reduced mobility was installed in Yemelyanovo airport. The automatic lift to help such passengers to go from the ground floor to the first floor is located in Terminal 1.
“Personal help”, the service for the passengers with reduced mobility
The airport personal will provide personal help to the passengers with reduced mobility as well as to the veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War.
The airport offers to the passengers with reduced mobility the following:
·         Provide a wheelchair;
·         Arrange for transportation or assistance after arrival of a flight and help with collecting the luggage;
·         Help with check-in for the flight and luggage check-in;
·         Accompany to the waiting area;
·         Help with undergoing the preflight inspection;
·         Help with boarding the plane.
For the purposes of good planning and ensuring the quality of the “Personal help” service, we request you to inform us about your needs not later than 48 hours before the flight.
We offer you to send a preliminary application at It should contain the following:
·         Name;
·         Date and number of the flight;
·         Type of your disability;
·         The services you need. 
You can contact the airport services at any time phoning +7 (391)2-555-999, the number of the information and inquiries center.
If you do not send us the preliminary application, we cannot guarantee the provision of the service but we will make all the efforts to attend to your needs.
Special services for the passengers with reduced mobility, veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War.
If you need help with completing all the preflight formalities (check-in, inspection, transportation onboard), you can contact the operator to order this service. You will need to do the following:
1. Pick up the receiver of the telephone with the special sign. The telephone is located in the area for the passengers with reduced mobility in Terminal 1.
2. Wait for the operator to answer.
3. Tell the operator your name and number of your flight.
4. Wait for the airport staff member, who will provide all the necessary assistance to you, in the area for the passengers with reduced mobility.
Yemelyanovo airport invites all visitors to take part in a “Secret passenger” programme!
The program was developed for assessing the quality of services and based on its outcomes there will be made recommendations and arrangements aimed at improving the services. All visitors of Yemelyanovo airport can participate in the programme and become the respondents who will be supposed to assess all the pre-flight and post-flight stages including how clean and comfortable the terminals are, the quality of the personnel’s work, organization of the pre-flight inspection, etc. in order to participate in the “Secret passenger” programme, please send an application in any format to stating your name, contact details and the date of the intended arrival in/departure from or visit to Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo”. The participants are requested to provide correct personal data for the purposes of the valid assessment of the programme outcomes and receiving bonuses. The airport guarantees that the personal date of the “Secret passengers” will be kept confidential. The programme can be joined any time before the end of the year 2013. The program outcomes will be summed up during the period of December 20-25, 2013. The most active participants will be presented with the certificate to enjoy the services in the VIP lounge of Yemelyanovo airport free of charge. Based on the programme outcomes during the year, the personnel of the airport commercial department will be able to analyze the quality of the services provided by the airport.
Detailed terms and conditions of the programme are available at the link “Secret passenger” programme of monitoring the quality of the services provided by the airport